Each time you upload a file on a web hosting server, it takes an amount of storage space on the hdd dependent on its particular overall size. In the event that you manage a script-driven website which saves its information in a database, you will need more disk space, the more people work with it. To give an example, in the event that you have a discussion board, the greater amount of opinions people leave, the larger the database will get. E-mail messages, in particular ones with attachments, also need some disk space in the web hosting account. The hard disk space quota you will get with each shared web hosting supplier is the amount of data you could have at any moment, and it consists of site files, messages and databases. Likewise, a computer has a hdd and the computer programs installed on it in addition to all of the docs and music files that you generate or download take some disk space, which can't surpass the full capacity of your hdd.
Disk Space in Shared Web Hosting
Our shared web hosting packages were created with the concept that shortage of disk space should not be a thing that can reduce the growth of your web sites. For that reason we have applied an approach which is more advanced than the one that most hosting companies apply - instead of just making all of the accounts using a singlle server and eventually not having enough disk space, we use a cloud hosting platform where the storage space is handled by a whole cluster of servers. Because of this, we can install more machines when they're required and more HDDs, in order to offer you more disk space for the files of our users. Different clusters control the email messages as well as the databases, so not only are you able to increase the size of your websites without worrying about hdd space, but also the servers will operate better and faster due to the fact that every single service features its own storage space and an individual server doesn't handle various types of files.
Disk Space in Semi-dedicated Hosting
If you purchase a semi-dedicated server package from us, you will not have to worry about the disk space that you're able to use due to the basic reason that this attribute is unlimited. By contrast to many other website hosting suppliers that advertise the same service, yet create accounts using just a single machine where quite a limited number of hdds can be attached, we work with a revolutionary cloud platform using groups of servers. All of your files will be kept on one cluster, your email messages on another, the databases on a third one etc. This type of platform gives you two noteworthy advantages - first, the disk space will not finish because we are able to install extra servers to each cluster that requires them, and second, the servers will work much more effectively for they will control only one type of processes. A semi-dedicated server plan will give you the flexibility to enhance your web sites as much as you'd like.
Disk Space in VPS Hosting
Our Linux VPS hosting packages include a great volume of hard disk storage so as to fulfill your requirements and not restrict the growth of your web sites. Naturally, in order to run just a single resource-consuming web site or a number of smaller-sized sites, you'll require more power altogether, so that the higher the VPS plan, the more disk storage you'll have. Moving between the plans is a breeze and the further space will be added to your account without migrating any data or stopping/restarting the server, so if you hit the storage restriction of your existing plan, you can always upgrade with a couple of mouse-clicks from your billing panel. Since we offer several hosting Control Panels with our virtual private servers, you will have two options for your disk space control - with Hepsia, all of the websites will share the overall server storage space, while using DirectAdmin and cPanel you're able to make individual accounts for the domain names and set up an allocation for each account.
Disk Space in Dedicated Web Hosting
The minimum HDD storage available when you use our dedicated servers is 500 gigabytes. You will have two HDDs, 250 GB each, and it will be up to you exactly how you'll allot this storage. You can have the drives in RAID, so all of your content is always protected as one of the drives will be a real-time mirror of the other one, or you can make them work on their own, so as to use the full storage potential that is accessible. The storage space of our Linux dedicated servers hosting packages is sufficient for everything - large online stores, file depository portal, individual archive backup, and a lot more. We will never hold back your sites in terms of the storage space they use. When that they start increasing, we offer you the option to add further hard disks to your current server as needed. When you acquire the server with DirectAdmin or cPanel for the hosting Control Panel, you're able to set up a different account for every single hosted domain name and set a hard disk storage space quota for it. When you use Hepsia all of your domains will be hosted in a single and they will share the full server storage.